About us

Who We Are

We are a local business located on the beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii.  Providing convenience, great value, and excellent customer service makes us one of the most popular car rental agencies on the island.  Our vehicles are gently used, and meticulously maintained.  We also offer 24/7 roadside assistance, and convenient airport parking lot pick-up.  No more waiting in lines!  Simply pick your car up at the airport and drive away.  Mahalo and enjoy Maui!

Kahului Auto is fully licensed to operate in the State of Hawaii.



We DO NOT offer any kind of insurance for rental cars,
so please check with your insurance company if rental coverage is included in your policy
If not, please add it to your policy
Fast and easy
We also accept American Express as a form of insurance
We no longer accept VISA or any other credit cards for insuring your
Rental car
You can also purchase insurance at
This is how it works:
If you get into an accident with insurance
We will charge the credit card used with rental coverage for the damages, and then you must ask for a refund from


    • No extra charge for a second driver
    • Business hours:  9-5 daily
    • There is a $15 parking fee to drive your rental vehicle out of the airport parking lot
    • Our cars are 2008 and newer
    • We do not offer brand new cars, but we offer clean, reliable cars with 24 hr service

We offer unlimited miles

No extra charge for second driver
We are open 9-5 daily we offer free airport pick up and drop off in this time period
After hours we will leave car for you at the airport
You will pay $15 for parking ticket to get out
Our cars are 2010 and newer
We do not offer brand new cars but we offer clean reliable cars with 24 hr service
After hours you can drop off the car
At the airport parking lot with instructions we will provide
Any more questions don’t hesitate to call or text us
Thank you
808 283-2827